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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Senate's Executive Calendar

Elizabeth Rybicki
Coordinator Specialist on Congress and the Legislative Process

Treaties and nominations constitute the executive business of the Senate and are the subjects of the Senate’s Executive Calendar. When a Senate committee reports a treaty or nomination, it is said to be placed “on the calendar” and is available for floor consideration. In addition, there is a category of nominations that are not immediately referred to committee, but instead placed directly on the Executive Calendar under the heading, “Privileged Nominations.”

Most treaties and nominations must be reported from committee and placed on the calendar to be eligible for floor consideration, unless the Senate gives unanimous consent to consider them without committee action. If a treaty or nomination is not on the calendar, either it remains in the possession of the committee to which it was referred, or is “held at the desk” by unanimous consent awaiting a decision either to refer it to committee or to bring it directly to the floor for consideration by unanimous consent.

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