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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Selected Privileges and Courtesies Extended to Former Members of Congress

R. Eric Petersen
Specialist in American National Government

After Members of the House or Senate leave office, they are afforded certain courtesies and privileges. Some are derived from law and chamber rules, but others are courtesies that have been extended as a matter of custom. Some of these privileges and courtesies include the following:

  • access to the floor of the chamber in which a former Member served; 
  • short-term franking privileges; 
  • access to parking facilities and athletic or wellness facilities; 
  • access to House or Senate administrative services and dining facilities; and 
  • access to materials through the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and the Library of Congress. 

This report will be updated as events warrant. Other reports related to congressional administrative operations include CRS Report RL34553, Closing a Congressional Office: Overview and Guide to House and Senate Practices, by R. Eric Petersen, and CRS Report R40962, Members’ Representational Allowance: History and Usage, by Ida A. Brudnick

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